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My hero, Johnny

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Never will I forget that day, the 8th February. It was snowing down on the city, and only my steps spoiled the white and sweet perfection of the freezing coat of snow.
The ringing of the nearest church sounded strange in the complete silence of the morning. Just a few people were walking in the street, enjoying it or speeding to go back to there warm house.
I have to say that when I read this introduction again, I can hardly imagine how I’ll be able to link it to the predicament I’m going to describe to you.
Well, there is nothing to it.
Firstly, I have to add that I was in this street to go to a job interview, therefore I was wearing my more elegant clothes and shoes.
Plus, I was late.
Secondly, not only was it snowing, but also windy and hilly, making a perfect landscape for a good story.
I’ll always remember that long street, rural with its little flower beds along the side, and no car parks so you could walk everywhere you wanted to, even in the middle of the street, which was what I did obviously.
And as well, perfectly iced over.
Of course, there are no trees when you need them.
Now, you can picture the scene, and me in the middle, let’s talk about what happened!
Running in the street because of the cold weather, my watch telling me that I was late, ice on the floor, my right foot walking on it and then slipping.
I have to say that the movement might have been particulary aesthetic like a kind of acrobat during a show. My bottom bent over my head and I started to make a painful face although my skull was about to meet the hard ice.
Fortunately and surprisingly, someone grabbed my right ankle, and prevented me from banging my head on the floor.
My first thought was: How on earth such a thing was possible?
I mean, this person should have slipped too!
Considering the world from an upside down perspective, I decided to let it lie and just to be happy to be still alive.
As polite as I could, I asked the man, cause it was obviously a man (he had a beard), to let me back on my feet.
As soon as he had complied with my request and I had laid on the snow, I recognised him. It was Johnny Depp, the famous actor!
He kindly led me to his house, and then he offered me a hot chocolate and a hair drier for my wet clothes.
I couldn’t refuse, but I told him about my interview, and he answered that he knew the man I was going to meet.
Finally, thanks to Johnny Depp, the job I was going for was mine, I was still alive and dry. More than a rescuer, he was a kind of super hero for me. I told him about this, ands you know what he answered me?
“A good actor has to be all his characters. You should ask me for a hair cute.”
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Please, vote for Emilie Simon. :)
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On April 9th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC), vitifuzz commented:
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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